Our Partners


For nearly 5 years, MWG has had a long-term strategic partnership with DoubleClick/Google. MWG uses a wide range of the DoubleClick Dart suite to power its ad serving, rich media, mobile & video capabilities, as well as perform audience segmentation, yield management, sales management and optimization. MWG uses multiple DoubleClick tools including Dart for Publishers, Dart Sales Manager, Boomerang for Publishers, Dart Motif and more.


PayPal is the preferred payment method for MWG. It offers a fast, easy, and secure way for retailers to accept PayPal payments online — whether customers shop from PCs or mobile devices. Retailers get paid quickly and can tap into the millions of buyers who look for the PayPal way to pay.

For more information on PayPal payments, click here.

FGI MyWebGrocer Partnership