Notes from abroad: Buy4Now Joins the MyWebGrocer Family

It’s no coincidence that a company on the cutting edge of technology like MyWebGrocer would find its newest partners in Europe’s vibrant digital capital Dublin, Ireland. On February 8, 2014 MyWebGrocer officially announced the acquisition… Read More

Why CTR isn’t King

So you’re running a display campaign and you’re trying to decide what is the best metric to use. It’s just a plain ol’ desktop display campaign (remember those?). Not a lot of extra stuff attached… Read More

From Reluctant Shoppers to Passionate Planners

Do you scour the internet for recipes, deals and food reviews? Or do you limit your online grocery planning and devote most of your energy to in-store shopping? You most likely fall into one of… Read More

A Few Words About Conversions

  Digital Marketers loooove conversions. Everybody wants to “Boost conversions 87%!” and “Lower cost-per-conversion by 43%!” All you have to do at an industry conference is talk about what you did to get your “Amazing… Read More

Winter’s Cold, Means More Tissues Sold

Spring is on everyone’s mind now,   but before we shift gears to April showers and May flowers let’s take a step back and look at some of the top grocery trends from this past… Read More

Innovative Events in the Mill

Fall has just begun and we’re excited about all of the events we have scheduled in the Mill in the coming months.   Earlier in September we hosted IdeaMensch in the MWG office space.  IdeaMensch… Read More

MWG and the Kiwis (we’re not talking about the fruit)

It’s been a busy spring for MyWebGrocer and just last month we announced our first international retail client Foodstuffs Wellington, based in New Zealand.  Utilizing our new Enterprise Platform, we will be providing a comprehensive… Read More

Milling Around with MWG

Last week we proudly marked our Grand Opening in the Champlain Mill.   We were happy to be joined by Governor Peter Shumlin, as well as local officials from Winooski, Mayor Mike O’Brien and City… Read More

Win-Win for Holiday Grocery Shopping

With holiday shopping and meal preparation top of mind, I am compelled to write about online grocery shopping as it relates to brands, retailers and consumers. Did you hear any horror stories from Black Friday… Read More