Connecting CPGs with Online Shoppers

With U.S. online grocery sales projected to approach $20 Billion by 2018, it is imperative that brands take advantage of the powerful opportunities the digital medium provides in reaching and engaging today’s increasingly digital shopper.

Call upon the right partner

Grocery shoppers are increasingly starting their path to purchase online. With the right partner and technology, you can positively influence their choices as they look for inspiration — both directly on grocers' websites and wherever else they browse the Internet — and in turn boost in-store and online sales.

Calling upon our vast grocery-specific experience, unique Digital Experience Platform, and the largest, 100% grocery-shopper-focused media network, you can reach the right grocery shopping audience at scale. Even better, you can take advantage of our closed-loop reporting to tie your online media spend to in-store and online sales — and understand your ROI.

Put your brand in front of online grocery shoppers in purchasing mode

Imagine capitalizing on relationships with over 75 grocers, and gleaning insights from more than 18 Million unique grocery-shopping visitors per month and $1 Billion in online sales revenue per year. Now you can. As grocery shoppers view recipes, browse digital circulars, search for products, build their shopping lists and fill their shopping carts on our Digital Experience Platform, you can understand their habits, preferences and intent. Better yet, you can tap into that wealth of intelligence to find the right shoppers for your products, and then intercept them along their paths to purchase with contextual advertising.

  • Leverage the largest media platform embedded directly on grocery retailers’ sites and the largest mobile grocery ad network
  • Target new shoppers wherever they are on the Internet
  • Deliver the right message at the right time to the most relevant shoppers
  • Reach the right grocery shopping audience at the scale you need
  • Enable closed loop reporting to understand ad effectiveness

Find, reach and activate digital grocery shoppers at scale

Find shoppers

Imagine having the ability to identify consumers anywhere on the Internet and driving them directly to a retailer’s website, or intercepting them while in the process of planning or buying. Imagine being able to convert these individuals into shoppers who engage with your brand specific content and ultimately purchases your  products. Now picture accomplishing each of these activities while measuring the true impact of your media investment throughout each phase of the path to purchase.

We have the data — and the tools — to help you do just that at scale.

Reach the right audience

Given our access to loyalty-card data and the fact that our eCommerce and media platform is embedded on grocers' websites, you can take advantage of 1st party, real-time data and actionable insights to pinpoint the most qualified  shoppers and inform media spend.

  • Take advantage of our grocery-specific 1st party attribution modeling, consumer signaling, predictive analytics, suggestive selling and shopper targeting capabilities
  • Leverage real-time data and actionable insights to inform media spend and reach the most relevant shoppers
  • Influence shoppers with 1st party data at the point of decision

Engage and activate at the digital shelf

Through our Contextual Advertising network -- the largest 100% grocery-focused media and the largest mobile grocery advertising network -- CPGs like you can choose from 500+ shopper segments for granular targeting and advanced shopper profiles. As more than 18 Million shoppers plan their shopping trips and fill their shopping carts each month, you can reach, engage and activate them at the digital shelf. In fact, you can target high-value shoppers across all channels and digital touchpoints they use to plan their grocery shopping:

  • Websites
  • Email
  • Recipes
  • Social channels
  • Mobile
  • Interactive circulars
  • Video

Leverage dynamic storytelling

Finally you can engage shoppers anywhere in context. How? By dynamically presenting personalized information and offers based on the shoppers’ profiles and locations. While shoppers are building their carts and looking at products on the digital shelf, their purchasing behavior can be influenced by ads that are tailored to their buying habits -- the result is a co-branded, relevant experience that creates value for shoppers, serves the interests of grocers, and drives sales for your brand.

  • Achieve local marketing at scale by leveraging our direct relationship with 75+ retailers, representing 40% all commodity volume (ACV) in the grocery vertical
  • Leverage real-time, local circular data and dynamic content to target and personalize offers
  • Pair your brand creative with relevant grocery content across the web to achieve a native ad look and feel
  • Personalize ads at the store, price and item/SKU level
  • Synchronize promotions across all channels for a consistent shopper experience

Measure and optimize campaigns to drive sale

We have direct relationships with 75+ national leading grocers representing over 10,000 stores, giving us access to 1st party data on grocery-related interactions and transactions taking place across the digital channels of the grocers using our platform to power their digital presence. By calling upon this data – along with data from all digital touchpoints and assets along the path to purchase – we can measure the impact of your media. And by tapping into these insights, you can learn what campaigns are effectively driving sales.

  • Understand the total online and in-store impact of your media spend
  • Learn competitive insights by category and UPC
  • Pinpoint a campaign’s impact on brand awareness and sales lift
  • Inform future campaign strategy