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Grocery eCommerce is different  

Grocery eCommerce demands a solution built for managing complexity

Getting grocery eCommerce right is no easy feat, and in a world of proliferating customer touchpoints, is only growing more complex. Shopping for groceries online is fundamentally different than shopping online for general merchandise goods, where you only put a few items in your basket.


Grocers must acknowledge the nuances of their business not found in other verticals, especially variations by store, which include:

  • Pricing
  • Weekly Sales
  • Product Selection
  • Product Availability
  • Merchandising
  • Promotions
  • Departments
  • SKUs
  • Store Layout
  • Fulfillment Considerations (Delivery, In­store Pickup, Kiosks)
  • Operational Capabilities

Shop2Gro - eCommerce platform

To succeed at grocery eCommerce, you need the ability to handle thousands of concurrent users and millions of products and data details that are constantly changing. With Shop2Gro – the fully featured eCommerce platform from MyWebGrocer – you can easily do that and more.

Why Shop2Gro?

  • Satisfy your unique brand needs. Launch a dynamic website that reflects your brand, products and pricing online, and supports your unique merchandising needs, including prepared food ordering, cross-promotion, price change reconciliation and coupon redemption on your website.
  • Optimize order management and fulfillment. Efficiently,accurately and profitably fulfill eCommerce orders, utilizing MWG’s proprietary OMS solution and multi-wave picking technology.
  • Increase shopper loyalty and basket size. With Shop2Gro, you can power personalization at the individual shopper level, for all customer demographics across all channels.
  • Grow your high-margin prepared food business. Handle specialty orders with ease by satisfying the needs and complexities associated with bakery, cake and deli ordering at each store.
  • Serve up the right product to the right person at the right time. Tap into advanced algorithms that deliver relevant, contextualized search results based on the shopper’s geographic location and shopping history.
  • Easily manage and tailor your site content. Shop2Gro features a built-in content management system, making it easy to create and run a site that suits your needs.