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Digital grocery shopping facts

Planning what to buy is a key part of the digital grocery shopping experience, providing unprecedented opportunities to increase share of wallet. In fact, 35% of U.S. consumers make online shopping lists, and these shoppers spend 95% more on average than those who don't use digital tools. Along the way, these digital planners are influenced by interactions and information on multiple channels, including mobile, email, online search, recommendations and display ads to name a few. With Plan2Gro from MyWebGrocer, you can provide your customers with the tools and content they need along the entire path to purchase, enabling a seamless omnichannel planning experience from start to finish.


Plan2Gro provides capabilities that enable you to engage with shoppers digitally along their path to purchase, across multiple touchpoints:

  • Provide the planning tools your shoppers need along their path to purchase, such as shoppable circulars optimized at the unique store-level,¬†universal shopping lists, and an out-of-the-box recipe library
  • Harvest and work with intent data generated through customer planning to increase relevancy with your customers through a 360-degree data view
  • Connect online activity to store-based purchases
  • Deliver hyperlocal content-based on where your shoppers are
  • Grow basket sizes by encouraging product discovery and impulse purchases
  • Allow shoppers to seamlessly engage in a complete omnichannel planning experience across multiple devices: desktop, mobile and tablet