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Consumer Insights & Data

Optimize media spend and measurement
with unmatched access to 1st party data

1st party data is marketing gold to CPG brands

Through unmatched access to 1st party data, MyWebGrocer provides CPGs unparalleled view into behavioral and transactional data across shoppers' digital interactions with grocers. The result? Insight into where to find high-value shoppers and how to target them.

Because our model is based around digital control groups, we know which shoppers were influenced by ads — even when they don’t click on them. Through the use of data, we are able to tie offline and online sales, gain competitive insights by category and UPC, and determine precisely how CPGs' media purchases are impacting sales. With these unique insights into ad effectiveness, CPGs can develop campaigns and run ads that reach the right shoppers at the right time, and in the right places, along shoppers' paths to purchase.