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Business Consulting

Put your vision into practice
and optimize your eCommerce implementation with our guidance

It’s one thing to decide to embark on building an eCommerce channel — it’s another to come up with a strategy, execute and then operationalize those plans.

With nearly two decades of experience partnering with grocers to build their digital channels, we acknowledge that success isn’t just limited to technology; it’s about operational best practices, change management, governance and driving operational efficiencies in the store - each element is required to deliver a superior customer experience while creating incremental business value. Through our grocery eCommerce expertise and proven methodology, MyWebGrocer’s Business Consulting Practice helps you create a solid foundation so you can make your eCommerce vision a reality and  optimize for your success.

A methodical, hands-on approach

By guiding you on developing practical processes and procedures customized for your business, our experts help ensure your strategy will deliver measurable results. Our methodology is based on the following four key tenets that are critical for every grocery eCommerce initiative.

1. A Customer-Centric Approach

Too often when confronted with technology change, organizations find themselves in a pattern of reaction where initiatives are launched and are set up to fail or not deliver results, because they are not formulated into the context of a broader strategy. Regardless of technology trends, technology exists to support your business objectives and your customer experience.  Having worked with pioneers in the expanding world of omnichannel grocery, MyWebGrocer has acquired deep experience in maximizing the business value in your technology investment. Our consultants will work with your team to understand your core value proposition and assist in formulating an omnichannel strategy to weave throughout your business to ensure the success of what is a major business initiative.

2. Value Creation

With an omnichannel strategy built to support your customer value proposition, grocers must now figure out how to optimize success. Having worked with successful omnichannel grocers, we have deep insight into how an actionable omnichannel strategy creates business value for stakeholders. Our experts will work with your management team to define what economic success looks like for your business and what are the best practices to deliver market share gains and competitive advantage.

3. Leadership and Resource Alignment

To ensure the success of your omnichannel strategy, MyWebGrocer’s experienced consultants help define and implement the right organizational culture, structure, processes, technology, as well as store investments required for success. Taking into account the unique organizational issues each company faces, we help grocers understand, prepare for and undertake the changes needed to transform their businesses.

4. Operational Efficiency

With a solid, customer-centric strategy and the required organizational structure and resources in place, grocers then need confidence to execute their plan. Calling upon its expertise and industry benchmarks, MyWebGrocer empowers grocers with that confidence by helping ensure operational efficiency. Based on strategic reviews of the grocer’s operating model, markets and physical stores, we do the following to help ensure a profitable online grocery business:

  • Design optimal store layouts and capacity
  • Determine staffing requirements and maximize staff efficiency and productivity
  • Enable efficient fulfillment capabilities
  • Help create a symbiotic relationship between a grocer’s online and in-store offerings
  • Prepare grocers to launch their online grocery business and scale as they mature
  • Advise on overall operating efficiencies

Learn best practices to follow and pitfalls to avoid

Benefit from our experience with leading grocers

Through MyWebGrocer’s business consulting services, you can take advantage of our vast experience and insights to more quickly realize online grocery success. MyWebGrocer has unrivaled expertise in online grocery. Our team has worked with more than 20 grocers in countries around the world to formulate, execute and optimize a successful eCommerce initiative.

Evolve at your speed

Our approach to grocery eCommerce allows you to target areas of your online business so you can proceed at a pace that works for you. Whether you choose to address eCommerce from end-to-end, or you prefer a customized engagement, we can meet your needs and help you achieve your unique goals.