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Consumer Insights & Data

Data is the new currency of grocery


Today's shoppers expect personalized, relevant interactions

Fortunately, through the digital channel, grocers can access data that powers the highest levels of personalization. In fact, by leveraging the right data, grocers can even anticipate and satisfy customers’ needs proactively. By creating a highly relevant shopping experience, grocers can earn and cultivate customer loyalty, which leads to bigger basket sizes and higher share of wallet. Data also provides insights into profitability, productivity and business efficiency.


Attract more CPG trade dollars

Through our Digital Experience Platform, grocers can now tap into unprecedented volumes of shopper-related data. With access to terabits of data generated by the digital footprints customers leave behind, grocers can optimize the connection between brand partners and their customers, to create tremendous and measurable ROI on shopper marketing funds.

Activate data for better results

While it may be difficult to collect this vast volume of data, it can be even more challenging to mine it for actionable insights. But MyWebGrocer’s comprehensive reporting does just that, empowering grocers to boost sales and optimize operational efficiencies. We deliver these insights through comprehensive reporting and partner with grocers at every step so they can use the data to inform operational effectiveness, reduce costs and understand which marketing efforts are working best.