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Professional Services

Take advantage of our digital grocery expertise
to meet your unique business needs
with the MyWebGrocer platform

Having an actionable business strategy formulated is only one variable in the formula for omnichannel success.

Executing your strategy requires technical implementation, business process design, training, change management, project management, reporting, technical support and ongoing optimization of business results, to name a few. Effectively handling all this requires deep domain expertise in grocery. And that’s where MyWebGrocer comes in: we provide the implementation services, solution maintenance, and 24/7 care and support to build, run and optimize your digital channel. Think of our team of experts as a virtual extension of your organization.

Work with eCommerce technology, and business process experts to build your digital channel

When you engage with MyWebGrocer’s Professional Services team, you leverage an expert team of technical architects, business process experts, experience design (XD) specialists and project management professionals. While a myriad of choices exists when selecting an implementation partner, MWG’s Professional Services is staffed by the best minds in digital grocery and has the longest tenure and track record of digital grocery implementation projects in the industry. When you work with our team to help you navigate the technology implementation, business process design and change management omnichannel grocery requires, your management team can feel confident in delivering return on investment to stakeholders. Engage our experts for full-scale implementation, business process design and project management, or call upon them for oversight and guidance should you choose to work with a third-party integrator.

In addition, we offer an extensive training program to help your team best use the MyWebGrocer software and become proficient with end-to-end online grocery business processes. We can even train your personal shoppers onsite so you maximize the value of our technology and ensure operational excellence and efficiencies from staff involved in your eCommerce operation.

Benefit from personalized services and support

Calling upon our unique understanding of the complexities of grocery eCommerce, we offer these services to help you succeed.

  • Reporting: Take advantage of our deep expertise with helping clients unlock the value generated by online grocery. Our team of 30 data scientists builds and maintains a standardized set of reports that cover the most important metrics a grocer needs visibility to when operating a digital channel, and we can also build and deliver custom reports for your organization so you can take full advantage of insights from your digital channel — everything from store-level picker productivity and sales by store, to out-of-stock reports. With this knowledge, you can better understand and engage your customers and optimize your eCommerce operations.
  • Creative Services: Our team of more than a dozen creative professionals focuses on differentiating your brand through unique, targeted visual communication that we deliver via a consulting-oriented, collaborative and iterative design approach. Through synergies with MWG’s Customer Insights Team, we’ll help you form an intelligent digital design to drive increased customer engagement and sales. MWG Creative Services operates at multiple engagement levels to best suit your needs; from ad-hoc in-project expertise to supplement your in-house or third-party team, to full creative agency services.
  • Site operations and optimization: Extend the capabilities of your staff by accessing our experts and resources to help you manage the day-to-day operations of your digital presence. We can handle anything related to your digital channel, from digital merchandising tasks to site updates, and everything in between.
  • Technical support: Our dedicated technical staff is on hand 24/7/365 to make sure your eCommerce system is running effectively and optimally.