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Digital Marketing Services

Work with our digital marketing experts to connect your brand with the right shoppers


Achieve true 1:1 marketing

Calling upon MyWebGrocer’s vast network of grocers and shoppers, along with our expertise developing and amplifying the reach of campaigns, CPGs can realize the promise of 1:1 marketing with our Media Buying service. While conducting media buys, our digital media experts choose localized offers from CPG brands, and devise marketing campaigns to serve personalized ads. This gives CPGs the opportunity to deliver relevant messaging that reaches a wide network of grocers and consumers, and to focus on markets promising the highest levels of consumer purchases. Put simply, MyWebGrocer makes it possible for CPGs to realize the promise of personalization, which drives higher category sales and bigger baskets. 

Optimize spend and shopper engagement

CPGs face two main challenges around their digital media spend: ensuring the most effective spend with a retailer, and staying in front of shoppers on the fragmented path to purchase. MyWebGrocer removes the barriers preventing CPGs from conquering these challenges and helps drive successful digital marketing programs by providing:

  • Digital platforms, retail relationships and vast data on millions of shoppers
  • A team of experts helping formulate and execute digital media programs to amplify the impact of in-store campaigns and drive shoppers to digital and physical stores
  • Ways to prove the ROI of digital shopper marketing funds allocated to dedicated grocery partners

Working with MyWebGrocer, CPGs gain access to world-class grocery experts with deep experience at the intersection of marketing and ad technology for digital media campaigns that produce measurable results.