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Contextual Advertising Network

Digital advertising offers unprecedented opportunity
to drive wallet share and sell through

Monetize your digital channel by attracting incremental shopper marketing and brand funds

A grocer’s digital presence offers several layers of opportunity to build relationships with both customers and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands while growing revenue. Through digital advertising, a grocer can connect brands while customers are in shopping mode. At the same time, grocers can leverage their data and MyWebGrocer Digital Marketing Services to create contextual ads that leverage CPG content or their own high margin private label products.  Moreover, digital advertising enables grocers to gain deep insights into the ROI of trade funds and advertising efficacy for both their CPG brand partners and internal marketing stakeholders.  


Connect your CPG brand partners to shoppers in purchasing mode with contextual advertising

When grocers utilize MyWebGrocer’s Ad2Gro module, they become part of MWG’s digital media network, while retaining control over what advertising content is displayed and maintaining the integrity of their site’s brand experience. By joining this network - that features high impression volume, wide reach and broad geographical coverage - grocers have the opportunity to attract incremental CPG brand interest. The result? Grocers can monetize their digital channels the same way they monetize their physical stores, with a media platform that provides revolutionary ROI on your brand partners advertising funds. Our turnkey solution is easy for retailers to join, quick to implement and supported by a dedicated national sales team.

Secure your share of shopper marketing funds
with our digital merchandising team

Our digital merchandising experts have deep experience executing world-class, end-to-end digital marketing programs are available to collaborate with your shopper marketing or merchandising teams to help secure advertising funds. Partnering with MyWebGrocer’s media experts we can help you create world-class programs that utilize our unique ability to personalize and localize campaigns at scale. We have a proven history of unlocking incremental CPG funding that doesn’t interfere with committed trade dollars. As a result, grocers can ensure they are maximizing their share of brand and shopper marketing funds from CPGs which are increasingly being earmarked to support digital campaigns and content creation.